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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
December 16, 2012


News Item:  Italian Prime Minister, Monti, resigns after Burlesconi's party withdrew
support.   Mr. Burlesconi is planning a comeback despite a conviction for tax fraud.

Me? I am Burlesquepony.  I entertain-a ...  I amuse-a.  I make-a the money.  An' I-a
run-a the government.  This government ... I now no like-a; I make it-a fall.

Yes-a, I 'ave-a 'ad my follies and-a my fillies but my country -- 'ow you say it-a -- my
country needs me.  So, I plan-a the comeback.

Fillies are good, si, but-a government is better.  No more-a the Bunga, Bunga; no
more-a the parties -- just-a my party to shape-a up-a before the election?

Me?  I am-a, how you say-a, a patriot.  I-a love-a my country.  My country needs me
...an' I need-a the country....

You see-a.  I 'ave a problem, eh ....  these-a, 'ow you say it-a ...left-a wing courts-a.  
They 'ave-a made-a me the problem, eh?

An' in-a my new government-a ... I get-a, 'ow you say it-a .... a break.

I need-a the break.  I deserve-a the break.  After all I 'ave-a done for this-a country, it
can-a do something for me, eh?