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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
December 13, 2015


News Item:  GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called for stopping the entry
of all Muslims to this country, including the re-entry of Muslim citizens.

Heil Chump!

Heil!  I like that ... my supporters can learn from you.  Carry on.

It's about your new policy pronouncement.

You mean about not letting Muslims in.  Hey it's gone viral in the media ... making
headlines again.

That's for sure, but how do you decide who is a Muslim.

Can't you tell?  The women are all covered and the men have those bushy beards ...

Very few of them.  Most are like you and me.

Best to check their parents then.  Can't go by what they say you know ... they could
be closet Muslims ...

You mean like they did in Nazi Germany with the Jews ...

You know I am of German stock and I have to say we Germanic people have a great
drive for work, for the arts, for organization, for technology and so on ...

Vorsprung durch technik ...

Exactly.  We seem to be superior ... er, I mean smarter.

The scientists say, the Chinese have the highest IQs, followed by Indians and then
Europeans ...

Hogwash ... never heard such crap.

Anyway, you've sure solved the Obama problem ...

You mean his not being born in the States?

No.  He has a certificate saying he was born in Hawaii.  I really meant his parentage --
his father was a Muslim ...


So when our President leaves the country, your law will stop him coming back.  He will
have to run his administration from, maybe Canada ...

See!  I knew it was a great idea ...