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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
November 22, 2015


News Item:  In melodramatic fashion, Francois Hollande proclaims France at war as
he maneuvers to lead coalition against ISIL.

Oui!  Oui!  I am a French poodle, but as you know, ze poodle is smart.

So you are traveling to Moscow and the US ...

Oui!  Oui!  Mes amis, so I go to see zem.

But didn't you stop delivery on weapons contracts to Russia?

Non! Non!  Zose are ze little spats between friends.,  Ze poodle and ze bear 'ave
been dancing togezer for ze many years.

What about the eagle and the bulldog?

Oui!  Oui!  We are ze oldest of friends.  We helped ze eagle out in his troubles wiz ze
bulldog two hundred years ago.  And now ze eagle and ze bulldog are best friends

So they will all be in the coalition with you ...

Oui!  Oui!  Ze eagle and ze bear are zere already ...

Isn't the bulldog having difficulties with his own kind about going?

Still to see, still to see.  Ze bulldog is not stupid ...

But not as smart as a poodle, eh?

Ho!  Ho!  What can I say ... you flatter me ...

Will the eagle and the bear let you lead ... after all ...

Well, we 'ave suffered ze most and ze poodle is a leader naturelle ...

The eagle has formidable talons and speed, and the bear can kill even with a hug, let
alone his huge claws and fangs.

Oui!  Oui!  But zay are mes amis.  We are all togezer in a beeg 'ug.

All friends again, and the Russian contracts ...

Ho! Ho! Ho!  No problame.  We just 'ave to convince ze eagle ...  no problame ...