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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
November 17, 2013


News Item:  Ahead of parliamentary elections, the Conservative Party website has
been quietly removing Prime Minister Cameron's old speeches where his broken
promises are evident.

We bulldogs are known for not giving up.  Well, sometimes we feint -- you look here,
and we go there ... woof!  woof!

I am in Sri Lanka playing the good Samaritan -- talking about Tamil civilian deaths at
the close of the civil war.

I know war is hell -- for our troops, not for me that is ... I am a civilian.

And I know Tamil civilians were caught between a rock and a hard place -- between
the Tamil Tigers' forced recruitment and the vengeful Sinhalese soldiers.  So there
you are ...

But at home I've changed the subject -- used to be in PR you know -- no more
headlines on my old speeches ...  always embarrassing for politicians -- just ask that
guy in the States ... my speeches were modest in comparison.  That guy has done a
volte face on almost every issue.

And the American people ... in a post-hypnotic slumber I reckon.  That's charm.  
Anyway, he doesn't run again ... probably retire in multimillion splendor like his fellow
party predecessor lecturing the financial beneficiaries of his policies on the meaning
of 'is' to the tune of $50 million or so.  This one will do even better ... he hopes ...
after what he's done for them.

Yup, the people in slumber, the media complaint.  That's the New World.  Woof!  
Woof!  Wish the British press were the same ...