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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
November 4, 2012


News Item:  Some dinosaurs had feathers according to scientists, following the
discovery of fossils with tell-tale markings; not substantial enough for flight but for
displays and courtship dances.  On the political front the juggling of positions by Mitt
Romney and Paul Ryan to attract independent votes continues.

Art is much ballyhooed about as a human activity.  But our ballet goes back a
hundred million years.  Look at our nimble dancing feet.  Now it's Romneycare, now
its Obamacare; look at Romneycare disappear.  That's me, what can you do
Ryanosaurus? ... or is it Rhinosourpus -- I get confused looking at you.

Actually, I prefer Paulosaurus -- more friendly, you know.  My theme:  individual
happiness above all; I am all right Jack, you can look after your own self.  Now I
believe, now I don't believe ... in AynRandosaurus -- look at those feathered fans
move; look at my dancing two-step ... how can I possibly follow AynRandosaurus and
her atheism?  What about you Mittosaurus?

This is an old act going back to my ancestors.  Hire and fire; fire and fire.  That's the
ticket to making a large stash.  But look at the dancing fans and my polished black
toes, here's the switch to ... hire and hire.  I am by magic ...  Jobosaurus.

Medicare, Medicare now it's Couponcare.  Get your coupons.  Tough luck.  You
should have looked out for your own self.  Look  Look!  Look at Couponcare
disappear.  Look at those dancing claws!  Look at those feathered fans.  Now it's
Medicare again.

Hey look!  There's Taxosaurus, the party spoiler.  Let's go get him ...