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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
October 25, 2015


News Item:  In a surprise result, Canadian PM Stephen Harper's conservatives lost
the general election to Justin Trudeau's liberals.

They say you have a mean streak ...

Well, I am a coywolf.

A coywolf!  What's that?

It's a coyote-wolf hybrid.  We have the strength of wolves and the meanness of
coyotes.  That's why we've been ruling Canada with only 39.6 percent of the votes.

I heard you hid in a closet when a gunman shot at security outside.

So what?  Only the stupid come out to get shot.

Do you have a team like wolves, or are you a loner coyote?



Yes, both.  I am a loner, and shy like a coyote -- I prefer my own company.  And, I
have a team, equally mean.

Like Baird and Kenney you mean.

Yeah, 'mean' is the word.  Baird the Bastard keeps my back and keeps us with
resources, I mean food, to spare.  And Kenney the Coyote, who just loves to kill, I
mean hunt.  He goes in for what you humans call wars.

Any others?

Oh, that'll do for now.  I have things to do.  Our pack, I mean team, is getting ready to
teach this upstart Trudeau a lesson.  Shameless!  dancing the bhangra with all these
Punjabi Indians and Pakis.  Hell!  I like their curries too (though Kenney prefers
tartare) but, as they say, now that we have the recipe ...