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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
October 23, 2016


News Item:  Reports state animals are facing the greatest mass extinction since the
age of the dinosaurs. This time it is man-made.

When we migrate we fly thousands of miles.  The stops we make to build-up for the
next leg have been used by us for millennia.  So what happens when those (for us)
oases are gone.  No food, or very little, means a scramble.  Many are unable to
complete the next leg ...

What happens?

They die.

Oh!  What has happened to the rains? The grass is parched.  There is little to eat.  
My friends are dying ...

You may think we are your enemy but we only kill to eat.  And as you die off, what do
you think will happen to us?

You want us to feel sorry for you ...

No, but you see how connected we are.

You talk about Africa.  But it's worse here.  I am an Iberian lynx and I am the most
threatened felid in the world.

They are also poisoning the water.  I don't know what is happening but there is death
and gloom everywhere and the sea is strange.  Funny grasses sprout up where they
never were and all kinds of algae.

Even we little insects that some thing of only as food ... it's difficult for us.

Well, I am a butterfly.  They call me a monarch, but I have lost my kingdom.  They are
killing off the milkweed plants we need in our multi-generational migration ...

It is so amazing ... from Canada to Mexico.  How do you do it?

I don't know, but we just know where to go.  Now the problem is how ...

Yes, how could it have happened so fast?

Greed I think.  Insatiable greed.  You cannot just take from Mother Earth ...