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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
October 11, 2020


News Item: President Trump has left hospital having recovered from COVID-19.

Yes, the doctors say I don't have the virus anymore.

I think you should still be careful.

Don't worry Melania.  I'm in amazing shape.  I feel wonderful.  In fact I feel so good I
think 'I'll just give you a big fat kiss.'

About time too.  You've been AWOL in that department.

We've both been sick honey.  There's the work and then there's the election.  I tell
you I am in much better shape than Biden.  His brain leaves doubts and his body
looks frail to me.

Doughnaald!  Don't underestimate him.

I am not.   It's just. . . it looks to me that if I were to jab him with a finger he'd fall apart
and all the shattered pieces would settle in a pile on the floor covered by his blue suit.

You are doing it again, Doughnaald.

As I said I won't.  I am planning the most amazing, fantastic rally in Florida.  It'll be the
biggest ever.  Want to come?

I wish.  Doctor says, I take no chances.

Too bad.  Hey after that hospital food do you think you could . . .

I know.  You want a cheeseburger.  Doughnaald is crazy about cheeseburgers.

Great American food, Melania, great.  It's all part of what makes America great.  
Amazing!   It gives you all you need in a tasty compact package.  Quick and easy to
eat.  Frankly Melania, I need it to 'make America great' again.