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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
October 8, 2017


News Item:  Donald Trump in twitter row with leading Republican Senator Bob Corker
of Tennessee.

Amazing!  He's a loser ... doesn't have the guts to run again.  I'm a pitbull.  I got
plenty of guts.

Perhaps, the cocker spaniel just wants to go home ... chase squirrels and rabbits and

He asked me to endorse him.  I said, 'No thanks'.  He wanted to be Secretary of
State.  I said 'No thanks'.  He's a negative voice.  He supports those Iranian dogs.

Of course, I support the deal the the Iranians; it's good for both sides.  Here, dogs on
the left and many on the right like it.  It stops progress towards things that can
destroy our home, our earth.  If a pigheaded pitbull backs out of it, Iranians are likely
to follow North Korea's example ... they will know not to trust us again.

What do you think of the language coming out of the pitbull's White Kennel?

It's an adult day care center.  I don't think anyone mans the graveyard shift.  Dog
handlers and trainers are needed desperately.

What about the world?

The world?  It thinks that's one crazy dog.  The Russian bear bares its chest and
dances.  The Chinese dragon is sucking in the whole world breath by hot breath.  
The French poodle, the Canadian lynx, the Mexican chihuahua, no one knows what
he'll do next.  The British bull dog thought she had a special relationship but her
invitation to the pitbull and other faux pas cost her her ruling majority.

And the Germans?

The Germans?  That mastiff is mad as hell after her election losses.  The pitbull has
brought breed politics out into the open.  All kinds of rottenweilers got elected.

It's like this pitbull has just one toy to chew on and that's all he does.  Except for
fighting with everyone.  Someone needs to muzzle him and house train him to stop
his dropping of stink bombs all over the world.