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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
August 3, 2014


News Item:  Gaza is again a miserable ruin.

I am the Big Tuna.  Nobody tells me what to do.  Kerrioke came singing his song of
peace.  Went too far when he and the EU menagerie got the Gaza and West Bank
minnows together as a partner for peace.

Don't you want peace?

We have peace -- anywhere here is safer than New York.

What about the little minnows?  They are dying.

Every time I thrash my tail.  But they started it.  Took a nip at me.

They say they did not; that you accuse them without presenting evidence.  Just like
the Big Dog in Washington accusing the Russian bear without evidence.

What do you mean 'Big Dog'?  I am the Big Tuna.  Every time I slap my tail, he is
trained to bark 'has a right to defend itself'.

You mean he is a paper tiger.  And the EU menagerie?

Don't make me laugh.  And he's no tiger ... not even a paper one.  Maybe a

A mole-parrot!  What is that?

Whenever there is a crisis, he digs a hole and hides.  And the rest of the time, he
repeats what I say.

Maybe his heart was once in the right place ... though I see what you mean.  So the
'world community' we hear so much about never gives you a red light.  But what
about the minnows?  They keep growing in number.

I have a tank to hold them in Gaza, and I'll make one in the West Bank.  They can
keep growing until they choke ...

Unless the tanks burst ...