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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
July 12, 2015


Once upon a time in the land of the four corners with a piece floating by itself and
another, there lived a creature known for challenging the ethics dragon.  In fact it had
done it so many times its name became synonymous with its deeds, the 'ethics

This creature was famous, with so much name recognition that no one could stand
against it -- and few had challenged the ethics dragon in so many different ways with
such impunity, opting instead to merely obey its dictates.

So it came to pass, the Partius Democrapipus -- so named because it had for so very
long lain comatose being fed a constant drip of money honey, that it had developed
suppurating sores and exuded noxious body fluids, yet also its own kind like a
colossal termite queen -- and so it came to pass this Partius crowned the uncrowned
'ethics challenged' its champion, the Democrapisaurus, to face the champion of the
great other, the prehistoric Partius Repukipus, the Grand Ol' Partius and its
champion the Gopusaurus.

Into this contest arrived a spoiler, a dinosaur with a golden mane (albeit dyed)
spitting venom, and strutting like a bird that was millennia to be.  There he stood with
sagging jaws, puffed eyes and a protruding belly, the great unbeatable yet always
beaten, the unmatched yet soon to be matched, the invincible yet vincible, the

No one knows who won this contest.  Yet one did and the result is there for all to
see:  Not a single dinosaur is alive today.