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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
July 6, 2014


News Item:  World Cup football (soccer) competition in final week.

Have you enjoyed the World Cup?

Well, yes.  It's the human animal's favored sport.  Billions watch across the globe.  
Even the US is taking it up little by little.

Ah, the US ... a German coach and American passports at the ready ...

I don't know if you can pick on the US alone.  The French team looks a
Francarooneria ...

Or Belgiongo ... even Switzerslavia ...

Agreed.  There are others ... Hollandwana maybe ...

(Laughs)  This is getting good.  Perhaps the politicians can learn from sport and
dispose of artificial borders ...

But then the human animal will have to change too ...

The short-term, even long-term sometimes, advantages of deceit have to be
eradicated, would you say ...

Can't get the ball?  Trip the player ... works pretty well as the punishment so far, even
the yellow cards, when given, don't seem to deter them.

Yes, and the referees are not always right.

Time for instant replay, as the cameras catch it for sure.

Jumping on backs -- the last incident a broken vertebrae for the Brazilian star player

And no screams from the press against Juan Zuniga, the Colombian responsible.

No, nothing like the uproar against Suarez who bit (barely a nip in truth) Chiellini in
the Uruguay - Italy match.

Isn't that because Chiellini deserves an Oscar for his dramatic displays -- a graduate
of drama school, eh!  A dry run for the movies when he retires?

Keeps the audience happy.  The sport's fantastic -- the skills remarkable.

Humans at their best ... and sometimes their worst ...

That's the way it is ...