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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
June 29, 2014


News Item:  The Pulitzer Prize Winning Center for Public Integrity calculated 935
public lies by Bush Jr. and seven of his top officials in the two years following
September 11, 2001.

You back so soon (snarls).  My job is to serve and protect this great country (waves
paw at expanse of his ranch land and snarls baring fangs).  No one can threaten it.

And no one was.  Iraq was secular, fighting al-Qaeda fundamentalists.  It had no

Who knew though?  Who knew?

Then why the lies?  935 of them at least according to the investigations of the Center
for Public Integrity.

It was the right thing to do (looks tired).  Gotta have the public on your side.

Do you ever lose sleep over the almost 5000 young servicemen killed, the expected
$5 trillion bill, the half million and counting dead in Iraq, the five million refugees, the
lives destroyed, and to top it all the jihadis now control half the country.

I nap day and night.  As for the jihadis, go ask Obama.  Weak, very weak.  
incompetent President.  Never should have been ...  By the way, rulers have to lie or
government can't function.  You think Obama tells the truth.  And what about the lying
I-feel-your-pain blankety-blank.  He cheated seniors out of their true cost-of-living
increases -- set up the Boskin Commission who cut out food and fuel from the index,
while he was feeling your pain.

So why did you go to war?

See all this around you, boy.  All came from oil ...