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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
June 8, 2014


News Item:  The 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings was commemorated by the
allies in Normandy.

Okay, I am lapin, a giant one, what you call the French Lop -- a dozen pound rabbit
with large floppy ears.

And I escaped.  Well, I had little choice given you humans and your love of killing -- I
would have been, how you say it ... dead meat.

And I found shelter in this wide space with white crosses ... as far as the eye can see
-- apparently another example of human handiwork.

I found a lady friend and doing what we rabbits do well, we have a large colony now.

We live year round -- unlike the visitors who show up each year or more, or the real
big wigs who show up every ten years ... or, when politics and photo-ops beckon.

Yes, they make speeches about sacrifices to defend freedom and democracy and
those under the crosses cannot hear them.  Then they go away and demolish
democracies that want to throw off their yoke.

And the young men remain silent underground.  The rich fat leaders have never
heard a bullet whiz past their heads -- certain to focus the mind of the 18-year old
they've sent to war -- nor have they seen body parts flying in all directions spattering
blood and gore, or a kid with his face blown off ...

No, not their memories ... just the never erasable horrors of young men doomed to
suffer flash backs for the rest of their lives ... and worse for some -- PTSD ...  a label,
not even a statistic of the maimed.

What about me you say ... Well, my family numbers in the hundreds now.  It's safe
around here -- no humans' dogs to tear you apart or cars to run you over, you don't
end up in a stew and so little stress.  It's peaceful, and we have all learned one thing:  
I hate to say this, but for us it's bliss when the humans around are six-feet under.