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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
April 21, 2019


News Item:  President Donald Trump has such confidence in his daughter Ivanka, he
has in the past offered her the top job at the World Bank and considered her for the
post of Ambassador to UN plus others not mentioned, all irrespective of qualifications.

Ma'am you are here in Africa the place associated with that notorious s***hole
countries remark by you know who.

I am only improving relations ...

People ask if the cost to the taxpayer is worth the ...

No cost at all.  You see this cape.  It helps me fly on my own.  All I do is say, let's see
now ... is it Shazam or Captain Marvel or do I whirl around like Wonder Woman ...

Your father says you are a "natural diplomat".

Doesn't mean I have perfect memory.  Everybody wants in on my act and the Secret
Service has mixed the codes for security.

You mean so you won't be shot down by hostiles.

Exactly.  Now is it Shazam for Saturday, or ...

Must be tough.

Gee,  I jumped out of Daddy's tower apartment once and used the wrong code.  
Lucky I got the right one before I hit the street.

Can you give some examples of diplomacy?

Oh, sure.  When the Indian guy was here, you know, Moody.

Modi, I believe.

Yes Modi.  Well he was brown all over and I complimented him on his tanning lotion.

But ...

And there was Dad and my Step-Mom going at each other.  She's always after him to
finish his homework -- for the country, you know.  You see, he prefers to play golf.

What did you do?

I asked Dad if he would like a cheeseburger.  He loves them, you know, and it always
breaks it up.

No wonder he calls you a natural diplomat.  You are a wonder woman.

No, Miss Marvel actually.