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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
March 8, 2015


News Item: Speaker John Boehner invites Israeli PM Binyamin (formerly Benjamin)
Netanyahu to address U.S. Congress behind President Obama's back.

Hi Baner! How's things goin'?

Not so good. You see I invited Benji. Thought we'd bark and howl, make a noise and
a splash in our neighborhood pond. Didn't work out right...

Why, what happened?

Well old Benji's funny. Half his own crowd don't like him. He's runnin' for den chief
again and the big boss Sheldy the Adel – he is the real honcho as you know. He
wanted us to help him get some good PR for back home. We even applauded him
and applauded him. Sheldy and AIPAC are watchin' you know. An' they can take your
food bowl away.

So, didja help him?

Maybe ... half his crowd an' the Ollama shunned him. Ain't helpin' me much either.

Didn't help much with the Iranian Ibexes, I see.

No, they're diggin' their hooves in.

Truth be told, they don't need a deal as much as the Ollama does.

That's what I am afraid of ...

The whole damn world is movin' away from us... even some of the bankrupt
Europeans ...

Yeah! That's the thanks we get for saving their skins a zillion times ...

Maybe they don't like what we keep asking 'em in return ...

What! They owe us ...

Who do we owe?

Now that's another question ...