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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
February 22, 2015


News Item:  From the Second World War on, the U.S. often destroys countries
through war only to help rebuild them.  Germany and South Korea are examples.

You are the wise one Mr. Owl.  Do you have an answer to this silliness.  Why destroy
countries only to rebuild them?

It is more than silliness little pussycat -- millions of humans have died.

And bombs don't discriminate between women and children and fighting men.

Worse pussycat, worse!  In war, the fighters are not in the cities.  They are at the

So why bomb cities?

It's modern war.  Everyone is an enemy -- the civilians through the war effort.

But that was true in the old days ... the blacksmiths and the armorers produced the
weapons of war.

That's why they were often slaughtered when cities fell.  Humans haven't changed
much.  In fact they are probably worse if one counts the proportion of civilian

So what are we to do Mr. Owl.  You are the wise one.  How do we stop the senseless

Well, wars now are often economic -- the military industrial complex keeps humming.  
The rebuilding keeps the civilian economy going ... like after the Second World War.  
Some have an after-war boom.  Mini booms after mini wars.  There is a lot of desert
out there pussycat.  What they have to do is build large cities there, equip houses
with the latest gadgets, put cars in garages, carpets, furniture, conveniences ... the
lot.  When it's all finished, we send in bombers to bomb, soldiers to attack and
destroy using up tons of ordinance.  When it is all over, why we start again, clearing
the rubble, building again.  Just imagine, we would never have a recession again!