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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
February 16, 2014


News Item:  Demonstrations against elected governments often paralyzing commerce
continue in several countries.

Bee:  You and I know what a well-ordered society is, don't we?

Ant:  Yes, it is difficult to believe humans are the most intelligent species when they
can not live together in peace.

Bee:  You know, what I think the problem is ... greed!  

Ant:  Oh, Christ, yes.  But it's more than that.  I would include, fear.  Gives them
anxiety neurosis.

Bee:  I agree.  They are nuts.  Look at all the psychotherapists they have.

Ant:  Some of them are nuttier than the patients!

Bee:  (Laughs).  Yes, lie down and tell me what's wrong.

Ant:  It's more than all that.  They are like crazed, aggressive chimps on steroids ...
killing millions of their own kind ...

Bee:  Only to become friends with those they were killing and enemies with their
former friends -- allies they called them.

Ant:  How crazy is that?  More business for the psychotherapist.

Bee:  And worse, they fight within their colony.

Ant:  Look at the biggest one of all.  They choose a callow novice to lead.  He can't
get anything done.  So they elect him again.

Bee:  He still can't get anything done.  So he is messing around in other colonies,
killing people and trying to change their leaders.

Ant:  Look at us.  We don't need leaders ...

Bee:  We are civilized; everyone knows their function.  They perform it without

Ant:  We don't have lazy layabouts ...

Bee:  And no one steals.  I say that because you know what humans do to our hives.  
Take all our honey, starving the babies (sobs).

Ant:  There, there!  Don't cry.  These humans are not long for this earth ...

Bee:  But how many species will they wipe out before we are rid of them.

Ant:  Yes, the latest is the beautiful monarch butterfly.

Bee:  What a story of migration!  I would fly beside them and they'd tell me fantastic
tales of travel.  I'll miss them.

Ant:  Me, too.  They were so beautiful!