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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
February 5, 2017


News Item:  President Trump and the First Lady attend a charity function in Florida.

Oh, it's a bug's life.  When my large extended family and I jumped ship, so to speak,
from the previous White House occupant's family, we were thinking only of the
comfortable environs of the presidential abode.

Well, the amber waves of grain although thinning provide ample accommodation and
those black tresses are luxurious for others of us.

The numerous visitors vary the diet, though I must add the general taste is more
vinegar than sweet.  But the weekends are something else folks.  This is the high life,
the celebrity circuit.  I have just come from the International Red Cross Charity Ball at
mine host's Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach Club, a glittering event, and if I'm a trifle woozy
you know why.

The rich eat little and mine host doesn't drink at all -- no wonder he tweets all night, a
bit of a nuisance.  Well, I hopped around to where the good stuff flowed more freely.  
Can you blame me?

The old girl seems a little scared of the whole set-up including mine host.  Anyway,
we don't see much of her at the W. H.

All in all this Palm Beach thing ... a little too glittery for my taste.  I'm happy where I
usually am, and will I have tales to tell.  By the way, I so hate the name head lice, so
please give me my due ... please call me FIBOTUS, First Bug of the United States, as
befits my status.  One more thing, I don't work for the deep state, at least not yet, and
not always.