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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
January 31, 2016


News Item:   Trump refused to join the last debate before the Iowa caucus because
of a disagreement with Fox news hosts.

I am the champ.  I am independent, truly independent, of these presstitutes, the
bosses, the big-hitter contributors, the lot --

Is it smart though?  If you are not there, they could all dump on you without fear of
counterattack.  And someone will occupy center stage ...  someone the people might
come to see as a better alternative ...

Hey!  Let's be clear on one point.  They are not dumping me; I am dumping them,
and they can say what they like about me; they do anyway ... just a sorry bunch of
losers.  I am a winner and the people know it.

Could be they also don't like to see someone who won't play the game because he
doesn't like the rules ...

The rules need to be fair ... or I don't play.  That's smart.

Yes, but the people may see it as a spoiled, rich billionaire who always wants his way
or he won't play ... a lack of ability to compromise they may see as a dangerous flaw
in a potential president ...

Say, whose side are you on?  I am the one paying you for advice.

And I am giving it ... honestly.  You wanna win don't you?

Yes, but I make the decisions.

So you do, I am just trying to make sure this 'my  way or the highway' doesn't mean
the highway for you ...

It never does ...

And that today's 'Trump dumps debate' headline doesn't become tomorrow's 'Trump
dump led by Iowa'.

Go pick up your paycheck.  If you are wrong, it'll be the last.