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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
January 25, 2015


News Item:  Indian Prime Minister Modi's sartorial exuberance was said to have
eclipsed Mrs. Obama's designer dress and coat according to media reports.

My compliments Mr. Prime Minister.  You do the land of the peacock proud.  It's a first
... the first time a male leader's dress has eclipsed my wife's in all my travels.

Oh, let's dispense with such formality, Barry.  You can call me Mod ..

You mean as in Mod fashion.  By the way, I don't use Barry any more ... sounded a
little ordinary.  But of course, by all means call me Barack.  I won't tell you what my
calls me ...  

It's why I dispensed with mine.  But you know Barack, I design my wardrobe.  I love
clothes; in fact, I often change my outfit several times a day ... like the old British
nobility.  That's Britain's problem ... slackening standards.

Interesting thesis ... I'll put it to that Bulldog Cameron next time I see him, though he's
such a pooch with me, I'm afraid he might burst into tears.  Hey Mod!  You can let go
of my hand now -- my wife's getting jealous and that military aide of mine is getting a
smirk ...

Sorry!  As I was saying ... I do my own designs.  Check out the pin stripes of the suit
I'll be wearing during our business talks.  They're composed of my full name in
English script running up and down.  Ingenious eh?  I am proud of that one ...

You oughta be ... small wonder there are so many Indian designers in New York.  It's
in your blood.  Hey would you mind throwing something together for my wife.  You
know, something like you have on now ... in much taller size of course ...

Why Barack, you make me feel proud as a peacock.  I think our talks will go well ...