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Cryptic Crossword # 48                                                   July 23, 2011
Note that clues often contain anagrams,
double meanings, etc.  
Sample clue:  Wrong way to fly a plane.
Solution:  YAW (jumble of 'way')

1. Oddly, Pat, the French microbiologist, was not quite sure. (7)
4. Take a coin as unusual as possible to the place for the slot machine. (6)
7. While you convert, I go into a heightened dizzy state of mind. (7)
8. You can turn the tide to lose weight this way. (4)


1. Your pipes may be gurgling but you can this too. (5)
2. The twisted tin cane seems pretty old. (7)
3. Point the wrong way to a bean. (5)
5. See 6. Down.
6. and 5. Down.  A butterfly? Hey, it's a Soviet naval chief. (3, 7)