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Cryptic Crossword # 47                                                    July 9, 2011
Note that clues often contain anagrams,
double meanings, etc.  
Sample clue:  Wrong way to fly a plane.
Solution:  YAW (jumble of 'way')

2. The plan, I might add, is rather dull. (5)
5. Such a mathematical distribution perhaps poisons perversely. (7)
6. Does this sound like a tree for the seaside? (5)
7. It's easier to toil with a rum mix but it can lead to a sate of agitation. (7)


1. Throw at a devil to confirm. (8)
2. You see, Granpa persuades us to write on this. (5)
3. Curved like a sphere with Spanish to annoy. (6)
4. The crooked coin scam is a slipper. (8)