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Cryptic Crossword # 45                                                  June 11, 2011
Note that clues often contain anagrams,
double meanings, etc.  
Sample clue:  Wrong way to fly a plane.
Solution:  YAW (jumble of 'way')

2. The aspic so made as to render artistic genuis! (7)
3. A stale story doesn't smell but one can still see it easily. (4)
6. This van, I might add, is without any real value. (4)
7. Sounds like the earth's crust is over the fireplace! (6)
8. You can take together the low road shortly but it will still take a long time to get around it.


1. The dorm has an ant with a biting manner. (7)
2. An edible cartoon? (7)
4. Bush is what you find when you look as you heat herrings. (7)
5. Simba upset by bits of verse? (5)