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Cryptic Crossword # 40                                                     April 2, 2011
Note that clues often contain anagrams,
double meanings, etc.  
Sample clue:  Wrong way to fly a plane.
Solution:  YAW (jumble of 'way')
1. Power completely in opening up a coffer containing a headless bully. (10)
4. Palms may be read differently in order to see the light. (5)
6. Cooking pots must cease! (4)
7. The square made unusually, to allow people to go about disguised. (11)
8. These movies may not be full features, but wear well in summer. (6)
9. The leader is wrongly correct minus a Roman hundred. (6)

2. Cutting your hair to yield wheat. (4)
3. One might see that a broad sternum can be used for driving. (8)
4. Shakily lure'm to become a nocturnal inhabitant of Madagascar. (5)
5. Sounds like the little girl attached well; in fact the opposite, she adapted poorly to her
situation. (6)