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Cryptic Crossword # 38                                                  March 5, 2011
Note that clues often contain anagrams,
double meanings, etc.  
Sample clue:  Wrong way to fly a plane.
Solution:  YAW (jumble of 'way')

3. You could see it in Lamar Rowland -- the juicy center of a bone. (6)
6. Varying demand can irritate. (6)
9. A happening for you, it sounds like, and Ally, finally. (10)


1. 8. and 5. A little too early? Leap over firearm! (4,3,3)
2. Crushed ice with cooked carp on a whim? (7)
4. At the crack of dawn, the magician's baton is seen. (4)
5. See 1 Down.
7. The French painter is almost gassed, pirouettes to draw dancers. (5)
8. See 1 Down.