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June 23, 2018

Felicia Langer, a great German-Israeli Human Rights lawyer, passed away

Dr. Ludwig Watzal

A great Israeli-German Jew passed away. Her death represents a significant loss to
the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice, human rights, and self-determination.
She and her late husband Mieciu, who died in 2015, stood for the other, the better
Israel after they emigrated to Germany. They rejected colonialism, Israeli wars, Land
theft, torture, apartheid, ethnocentric nationalism, chauvinism and countless violations
of human rights and international law.

Felicia’s life and work were massively attacked both in Israel and in Germany because
she campaigned for justice and equal rights and treatment for the Palestinian People.
She was the first of her kind who defended so-called Palestinian “terrorists” in Israeli
courts. She has had some successes, but before Israeli military courts, which are
kangaroo courts in principle, she was unsuccessful. Such “defeats” can be
considered successes for every honorable lawyer. Nor was she ever able to accept
the racist-Zionist ideology that is so revered and defended in Israel and by Zionists in

Felicia’s commitment to justice and human rights has granted her several awards. In
addition to the Alternative Nobel Prize, she was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit
1st class by the then German Federal President Horst Köhler. The ensuing smear
and defamation campaign of the Zionist and pseudo-Jewish Israeli lobby is one of the
worst ever initiated by the Zionist Lobby in Germany against a German-Jewish human
rights lawyer. Some of these German and Israeli “men of honor” tried to force
President Horst Köhler to revise his decision while threatening to return their Federal
Cross of Merit. These extortion methods are today part of the standard repertoire of
the Zionist Israeli lobby in the political opinion struggle in Germany.

Felicia Langer is highly respected and revered by the Palestinians like no other Israeli-
German citizen. Only Yasser Arafat is more adored. Both the Palestinian Authority
and the city of Tübingen, where she lived in exile,  should set up a memorial place for
this great German-Israeli woman. Germany is rightly proud of its culture of
remembrance, and Felicia Langer is an important one of them.

Until shortly before her death, we were in close telephone contact. The title of her last
book came up during a telephone conversation. Felicia was also an excellent advisor
before the publication of my book on the Human Rights of Palestinians when the
international public was tranked of the so-called peace process, elaborated in 1993
by Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli diplomats in Oslo, and signed in the garden of the
White House. The resulting reality could not have been crueler and more disastrous
for the Palestinians. Felicia foresaw this.

Felicia Langer is one of the few outstanding Israeli-German personalities who have
sacrificed themselves to the legitimate concerns of the Palestinian people to the last
breath, and whose memory should remember by all three peoples. Their tireless
commitment to Palestinian justice and human rights should always be considered an
inspiration and a societal obligation to their political actions.

Felicia, Rest in Peace (R.I.P.)

Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn , Germany . He runs the
bilingual blog between the lines.