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Questions and Comments

First, what we are not:  we do not claim to be a fountain of truth.  But we do
try to ferret out what is not revealed.

We do not claim to have all the answers.  But we try to lay out all the
parameters of the issues -- we hate selective reporting, the virus invading
journalism reaching its apogee in the "embed".

What we are is a modest website.  We hope to remain so, and will never ask
you for donations.

We do not have live comments because we do not have the capacity to
monitor them for abusiveness.  While we cannot respond individually to
sent comments, they do affect our decisions.  So please keep writing.

Lastly, we also try to offer lighter fare -- a restful bench under the trees, if
you will, where the doom, gloom and heat of the news is tempered by a cool
summer breeze.  We will continue to serve as a platform for understanding
and peace in this fraught world.


Dr. Arshad M. Khan, Editor, is a former Professor based in the US.  
Educated at King's College London, OSU and The University of Chicago, he
has a multidisciplinary background that has frequently informed his
research.  Thus he headed the analysis of an innovation survey of Norway,
and his work on SMEs published in major journals has been widely cited.  
He was elected a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a
Chartered Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.  He has been a
CPA and CMA in the U.S. as well as a Registered Professional Engineer.  
Over several decades he also contributed occasionally to the press -- his
efforts appearing in print outlets such as The Dallas Morning News, Dawn
(Pakistan), The Fort Worth Star Telegram, The Monitor, The Wall Street
Journal and others.  He has also authored pieces for internet sites like
Antiwar.com, Asia Times, Common Dreams, Counterpunch,
Countercurrents, Dissident Voice, Modern Diplomacy and Telesurtv.net
among many.  His work has been quoted in the U.S. Congress and
published in its Congressional Record.