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April 21, 2013

If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria

By Paul Craig Roberts


The United States government has been at war for eleven years. The US military
destroyed Iraq, leaving the country and millions of lives in ruins and releasing
sectarian blood-letting that had been kept in check by the secular Saddam Hussein
government. On any given day in “liberated” Iraq, the death toll is as high as during
the height of the US attempted occupation.

In Afghanistan eleven years of US attempted occupation has had no more success
than a decade of Soviet occupation. The Afghans are still not worn down despite
more than two decades of war with the two superpowers. Like the Soviets, the
Americans have managed to kill many women, children, and village elders, but
precious few warriors. In place of the Soviet puppet government there is Washington’s
puppet government. That is the only change, and Washington’s puppet is no more
secure than the Soviet one was.

In Libya, Washington used its corrupt NATO puppets and CIA-recruited bandits to
overthrow another stable government, that of Muammar Gaddafi, leaving Libya mired
in sectarian violence. A stable prosperous country has simply been destroyed by
western governments that profess human rights values and condemn China and
Russia for not having any.

Washington has also been killing civilians with drones and air strikes in Pakistan and
Yemen, two countries with which Washington is not at war but has purchased the
governments, paying the Pakistani and Yemeni governments for the right to murder
their citizens and destabilizing both countries in the process.

And now in Syria Washington is at work destroying another stable secular government
headed by a British trained eye doctor.

Washington’s eleven years of illegal aggression against Muslim countries–war crimes
according to the Nuremberg trials of Nazis–have resulted in civilian deaths far in
excess of military casualties and in a domestic American police state that has
destroyed the rule of law and the constitutional protections of US citizens. Washington
and its presstitutes have emphasized that these costs are necessary to save
Americans from al-Qaeda terrorists, none of whom have ever been apprehended in
the United States.

Having listened to the propaganda line pumped out by Washington and its Ministry of
Propaganda for eleven years, imagine my astonishment when I saw two juxtaposed
headlines: “Al-Nusra pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda” (BBC) and “Move to Widen Help
for Syrian Rebels Gains Speed in West” (NY Times). Al-Nusra is the main military
component of the “Syrian rebels,” and it has allied itself with our mortal enemy–
Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda.

Wait a minute! Our government told us for eleven years that we blew trillions of dollars
on wars to protect Americans from al-Qaeda, endangering Social Security, Medicare,
the social safety net, the dollar’s exchange value, the credit rating of the US Treasury,
and our civil liberties in order to save America from al-Qaeda terrorists. So why is
Washington now supporting al-Qaeda’s overthrow of the secular, non-Islamist
government in Syria which has never ever done anything whatsoever to Americans!?

The New York Times presstitutes, Michael R. Gordon and Mark Landler, elevated the
terrorist al-Qaeda organization to the status of “the Syrian opposition.” At a lunch
meeting hosted by Washington’s puppet, British Foreign Secretary William Hague,
and US Secretary of State John Kerry, “the Syrian opposition,” aka al-Qaeda,
requested antiaircraft and antitank weapons. A senior Washington official said: “Our
assistance has been on an upward trajectory, and the president (Obama) has
directed his national security team to identify additional measures so that we can
increase assistance.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a $123 million “defense aid package” to
“the Syrian opposition” that now includes al-Qaeda. Washington had already sent
$117 million in “food and medical supplies” to “the Syrian opposition,” and ordered its
Middle Eastern puppets to send arms. Note the Orwellian language: support for an
outside terrorist force seeking to destroy a government and a people is called a
“defense aid package.”

On April 11 the establishment French newspaper, Le Monde, reported that the al-
Nosra organization affiliated with al-Qaeda is the dominant force in “the Syrian
opposition,” not democratic revolutionaries. Despite this fact, Washington’s puppets,
France and Britain, are pushing the European Union to send arms to the al-Qaeda
affiliated “Syrian opposition.” And Senator John McCain wants US airstrikes on Syrian
government forces with whom the US is not at war, in order to provide air cover for al-
Qaeda’s takeover of Syria.

Meanwhile, the Islamist Shiites, whom the Americans left in control of Iraq, have
announced that they have joined the battle against the American-supported al-Qaeda
forces seeking to radicalize Syria.

So far at last count, the UN reports that the military attack on Syria organized by
Washington’s proxies has killed 70,000 people. But americans are preoccupied with
the Boson Marathon bombing, which killed 3.

Once again “the indispensable people” are bringing death and destruction to an
entire country in order to bring to the dead “freedom and democracy.” No Syrian
asked for this “liberation” from his life.

Be a Proud American. We are doing our duty to our rightful hegemony over the world
and to Israel, which has purchased our government. It is our right to be the
hegemonic power on the planet earth, and that includes the Mediterranean Sea.
Therefore it is Washington’s right to overthrow Syria in order to get rid of the Russian
naval base there. The Romans would never have put up with a foreign power having
a naval base in the Mediterranean, and we can do no less, unless we are some kind
of pansy state afraid of our own shadow. The Mediterranean was mare nostrum–our
sea–for the Romans. Now it is our sea, and by god we are going to claim it by
overthrowing Syria.

Israel, of course, was given the rights to “Greater Israel” by God himself–who am I to
question the Christian Zionist preachers who are growing fat on Israeli money–and
part of “Greater Israel” is the river in southern Lebanon that supplies precious water.

Hizbollah, provisioned by Syria and Iran has prevented Israel from confiscating
southern Lebanon in order to acquire the water rights that God gave them. Therefore,
to fulfill our obligations as Israel’s puppet, we are required to destroy both Syria and
Iran so that Hizbollah is isolated and out of the way and “Greater Israel” can be

The Christian Zionist churches in the US repeat this message every Sunday. If you
don’t believe it, you are some kind of anti-american anti-semite and should be
exterminated. Or you could be a despicable Muslim terrorist to be waterboarded into
confession. Homeland Security will make short work of you just like they did to those
Russian Muslim terrorists in Boston who tried to blow up the Marathon race.

I mean, really, how can we indispensable people bring freedom and democracy to the
world if the Russians have a naval base in our sea? How can we project strength if we
project such weakness by permitting a foreign power’s presence in our exclusive
sphere of influence many thousands of miles away from our borders. Don’t forget,
America’s borders are the world’s borders. It says so in our song–”From sea to
shining sea.” Don’t forget it.

Of course, we don’t want to go head-to-head with another well armed nuclear military
power, but the way around that is to demonize the Syrian government and Russia for
supporting an eye doctor who is “a brutal dictator” who is resisting an Islamist al-
Qaeda takeover of Syria financed by Washington. Our masters in Washington can
use the UN and all our well-paid puppet states to pressure the Russians to shut up
and get out of our way. I mean, really, does Putin want all those Russian NGOs that
we finance to bring their operatives out onto the streets in Moscow and bring down his
government? I mean, really, who does Putin think he is standing up to our god-given
hegemony over the world, much less Israel’s god-given hegemony over the Middle
East? I mean, Putin is in for it, and so are those goddamn Chinese. I mean, really,
who do they think they are? Americans? Don’t those Chinks know about our control of
the Pacific? I mean, really, are they out to lunch?

And, I mean, really, how can all us get to heaven if we don’t do God’s will and deliver
the Middle East to Israel as Israel says the scriptures require. I mean, really, do you
want to oppose God and burn in hell? Instead of all those virgins Muslims promise
you, you will be devoured by fire. You better get on the right side before you die.

I mean, really, who wants this fate. We had better get rid of Syria sooner than ordered.
If we don’t do what Israel tells us God requires, we are finished. That’s for sure.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and
associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week,
Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university
appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest
book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is
now available.