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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
December 8, 2019


News Item:  Alexa rankings of most alternative media web sites range from the ten of
thousands to over 100,000.

You are the founder of Real.truth.org.  Can I ask you why you have a period in

Oh, simple.  Someone already had the domain name without and wanted too much

Your Alexa rating is 49,000 and higher.  By way of comparison, the Chicago Tribune
is 2900.  Is that depressing or what? -- 49,000 sites attract more people.

You don't understand.  As Vladimir Lenin said, it is not the quantity of supporters, it's
the intensity.

So what's your objective?

Revolution of course and a fairer society.

And who will lead this fairer society.

We at Real.Truth are leading the way.  But we are not greedy for power, we want a
real people's democracy and we want it now.

That sounds familiar.  Wasn't Muammar Quaddafi proposing something similar?

Oh, many have tried but we will succeed.

In the meantime how do you earn a living?

Oh, this is it.  I am in it body and soul.  Our supporters are the same.  We have
fundraisers of course but our core members do more, much more.

And the site?

Oh yes, the site is worth a million and ...

So you are a multimillionaire ...

Why not?  It's a lifetime's work and in our society everyone will be a millionaire ...

And some will be 'more equal' millionaires ...

That's life.  Is it not?