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Porcupine's Quill
Nov 7, 2010


by Arshad M Khan

Note:  The Republican Party Wins Big in the Midterm Election

Okay, I confess.  I am Sarah and I am a grizzly.  That's right when I get 'em, I
really get 'em.  My friend Nikki the Indian grizzly in South Carolina is the
same.  I warned the Dems, they didn't listen.  I have excludiated the Dems
and refudiated their claims.

I am Nikki and while I appreciate Sarah's help in my campaign, my poll
numbers were already on the rise and I am keeping my options open as
regards who I support for President.  You know Obama's been out in my
ancestral homeland trying to get jobs here promoting exports.  I could show
him a thing or two.  I have more in common with the Indian leader Manmohan
Singh than anyone else.  He belongs to my ancestors' faith, the Sikh religion
(You know the guys with those huge turbans on their heads) And I could
have him eating out of my hands in no time.  They call me a grizzly and with
good reason.  I ain't afraid of nobody.  Hell! Today South Carolina, tomorrow
who knows!

I am Christine.  I disappointed ... you, me, all the grizzlies hands down -- no!
strike that and keep your hands where I can see 'em.  But you ain't heard the
last of me.  I love to run.

Yes, this is Sarah again.  Christine loves to run.  So do I.  I promise you I am
gonna expungiate the Democrats in 2012.  Yes, I believe it, I am running.  
How can I disappoint my supporters?  They know and I know my country
needs me.  And I in all humility prostate myself before God and pray for its