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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
October 14, 2018


News Item:  Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida panhandle.  The first Category
5 hurricane to hit the area, it continued as a Category 3 into Georgia.

Michael!  Michael!  Michael!  How could you?

Please!  Please don't blame me.  It was the wind, the wind ... oh, the wind?

You were just heartless.

I am so full of guilt.  I tell you, I'll be seeing a psychic for the rest of my life.

Psychic?  Don't you mean a psychiatrist?

Psychic, psychiatrist, what do I know?  Whatever you humans use for being uneasy in
your minds ...

Couldn't you imagine what would happen?

How could I?

How can you be so, insensitive?

I am telling you it's not my fault.

Then whose is it?

Look, all I did was take a ride on a wind merry-go-round ...

So you were playing ... how uncaring ...

You are hurting my feelings.  As I spun around, the wind just took over, fiercer than
I've ever known, spinning me round and round and round and round.  I was so dizzy I
don't remember any more ...

What an excuse?

I am telling you, it's the truth.  We can always stop and get off though some can be
naughty I know.  But this, this was different, out of control.  It's global warming ... it's
what you humans have been doing to the environment.

So you are blaming us now ...

I am simply telling you the way it is.  You have to stop or you'll destroy yourselves ...