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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
July 20, 2014


News Item:  The soccer World Cup is over and while Brazil did not win, it was praised
universally for a superbly organized tournament and the warm welcome to visitors.

I am Toco Toucan, I am bright as the golden sunshine of Brazil, as the shining,
smiling faces of its people.  I do the Brazilian samba -- what a courtship dance!  And I
fly the vast savannah.

Today I am happy and I am proud.  FIFA says it was one of the best World Cup
tournaments ever:  beautiful new stadiums; well organized across the country; no
incidents; and the public and visitors all had fun.  To the visitors, a Brazilian welcome
of smiles and hospitality.

As I fly around I hear from migrating flyers.  Some have come from the US and they
talk of newscasters who said again and again how the World Cup was headed for
disaster.  Brazil was unprepared.  The stadiums were unfinished.  Crime was

None of it turned out to be true.  Brine Willies said the same about the Russian
Winter Olympics, but they had the best opening and closing ceremonies ever and
fantastic facilities.  He is rumored to spend more time at his tailor, barber and
manicurist than collecting real news, and will no doubt get an increase in salary.  No
one's looking for the truth ... any old ladies dreamboat will do.

And the prissy, primp on the other channel (whose name I forget) will smile her way to
something else.

Meanwhile, few listen to their news.  The ones that do are more concerned about
their aches and pains.

All I can say is:  "Viva Brazil"!  And I look forward to the Summer Olympics in 2016.