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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
June 21, 2015


News Item:  Donald Trump enters the presidential race.

Heard the news?  I could be a Monkey's Ass!  What makes you think you can  be

Well, first, you are a Monkey's Ass.  But just take a load of this (turns around).

Good God!  What a rump! ... for a chimp that is.

Yeah!  It's a rump that trumps.  You think all those measly, money grubbing, lying,
feather bedding, pocket lining, sons of bitches, stand a chance.

No, you have 'em there.  None of 'em have a rump worth a shit ... everything coming
out of there is hot air.  What's your next move Chimp Rump.  You don't mind me
calling you that?

Hell, no!  I am proud of myself. I don't believe in id and ego ... only super ego.

I didn't know you were also psycho.  So what is your next move?

I am gonna start a bloody movement -- the largest BM the world has ever seen.

Whaddya mean?  You got hemorrhoids or something?

No! No!  a political movement ... the real thing.  I'm rich.  I can pay 'em to come to my
gatherings.  We'll have the biggest crowds, then everyone will find out what the Rump
is made of.

If you win, you still have to face the Democrats ...

Small potatoes.  Just look at 'em.

You mean Bernie the Bum and Clint the ...

Don't say it, please ...