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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
June 12, 2016


News Item:  Part of Obama's tilt to Asia, India's leader Modi is again visiting the U.S.,
which seeks to cordon China.

Oh, meeting foreign leaders becomes tiresome after a while, but I have to do it ... it's
not for long now, I am nearing the end.

Were you not just a little uncomfortable at first?

Yes perhaps, but I am the Grand Ollama sitting on the world's grandest throne.

Bangs and booms everywhere.  No one would have mistaken you for a military man
but much of the Middle East has, or is, being destroyed.

Sometimes we must make peace through war.  I worry about it -- it has turned my hair
white ...

More distinguished ... an eminence grise ...

Well, I have been asked for and known to give advice.

Like to the British on brexit ...

Yes, some of them complain, but they listen, especially to the man sitting on this
throne ...

Yes, it carries enough power to destroy our world ...

Who would have thought ... and you a man of peace.  Is it something in the food?  
Every occupant starts wars ...

I know ... bang, boom, kill, kill.  But I have always worked for peace and I will talk to
anyone to pursue it.

Even a Modi?

Yes, even a Modi.  Those are the facts of life, and I impressed upon him the need to
make peace with his neighbors.  But I have to go.  The grand Ollamess is making me
a peace sandwich for lunch, after which I have to go through the drone strike list ...
it's Tuesday you know ... I have to keep working for peace, and will until I get off this
throne ...