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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
June 7, 2015


News Item:  Secretary of State John Kerry breaks a leg.

Oh my bike!  My beautiful pink bike.  And my leg, it hurts.

So Putin wrestles bears, plays with leopards, rides horses bare-chested and you ride
a pink bike?

I like pink.

For a barely cracked femur, you think Putin would have rushed home.  Nah! he'd
have used Geneva's hospital, got a crutch and carried on.  Is there a wimp factor

Hey the crack's near my replaced hip.

Replaced hip!  lessons from the past, easily forgotten.  No wonder the world's a
mess.  A ten-year old falls off a bike, dusts himself off and gets back on again.  A
septuagenarian, riding with a medical team in tow, gets back on ... to Massachusetts
General Hospital in a special medical plane.

Hey, have you seen my new selfie with a pink cast?  You know, I just love to ride.  
The wind blowing through my beautiful hair, my pink bike against the beautiful green
surround ... beautiful, beautiful!

And your Iranian counterpart takes stately walks probably strategizing ... of course
Putin puts in a judo session.

Everyone to their taste.

Who would you put your money on in Ukraine? -- a pink bike rider with a busted leg
or a judo expert, bear wrestler ...

We are not going to let stand the aggression in Ukraine ...

Of course not, while ISIS runs amok in Syria and Iraq, Yemen has thousands of
refugees, its cities bombed by the Saudis, Libya a  mess, and the Russians and
Chinese becoming the best of pals.  Wasn't Kissinger's original idea to woo China

It's a new world out there ... and I am getting a recumbent bike ... pink of course, or
maybe purple ... let me see ...