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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
June 3, 2018


News Item:  Mike Pompeo had summit preparatory talks with Kim Yong Chol the
North Korean leaders right-hand man.

How did the talks go Mr. Kim?

Vely tlicky.  He terr me Amelica vely great.  Many weapons.  Seclet weapons.  He say,
Tlump want peace.

And then what happened?

He show me New York skyrine. I rook.  He give me dinna.  I eat.  He talk.  I risten.

What did he talk about?

He say Amelica vely gleat.  Make many inventions.

I say, I  know.  We steal one.  We make atom bomb.

He say many other inventions, computers, raptop, movies, terevision ...

I say we have too.  Get flom China.  But we make bombs lockets, big lockets, good
lockets, come arr way to Amelica.  We want peace, better rife for peoper.

What was his response?

He say Amelica awso.  He say Amelica invent gleat entertainment rike Disney.  I say,
what Disney.  He say rike Snow White, Donard Duck, Mickey and Mighty Mouse.

I say what Mighty Mouse.  He vely funny.  He glab sheet, tie it lound neck rike cape.  
Then he lun alound loom frapping alms shouting.  I fry, I fry.  I ask why.  He say he
Mighty Mouse.  Then he thlow sheet off, make faces and splead hands out.  Now he
say, he Mickey Mouse.

I say, I come to make peace.  He show me Mickey Mouse cartoon I raugh.  I say
funny.  Good way to make peace.  Peoper who raugh together don't fight.