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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
April 22, 2018


News Item:  Today, April 22, 2018 is Earth Day.

Earth Day.  It's ironic some of you two-legged animals should remember me.  As far
as I can see, the worst thing to happen to me was when you started walking on two

Do you want to know why?  It let those other two become arms and hands.  You
started to think and make tools with them.  Tools to invest, to kill, to make fire, heat
your food getting more nutrition, all of which helped you live longer, have more
offspring until you dominate this planet.  Look at your handiwork.  Below is one

I am a lion.  They call me king.  What a king?  You have taken away my kingdom and
you say you keep me safe with fences so others of your kind don't kill me with your
invisible arrows that go boom ... until some rich dentist from America or a show-off
Trump wants to bag a lion to boast.  The courageous ones were the Masai who met
us armed with a spear.  Not for the new, spoiled rich cowards -- they stand a hundred
or more yards away guarded by professionals and do target practice on us.

If that is happening to the king, then imagine the condition of other animals? --
whales, fish, coral reefs, butterflies, and bees and the wildflowers; the cut-down
forests; the melting glaciers and earth warming.  Yes, I am warm and getting warmer.  
In truth, I am running a fever.  I am sick.  What doctor can help me now?

... while lying hypocrites burn coal and oil and gas, and blame ocean CO2, even cow
farts, for the mess they have caused ... poor cows ...