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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
April 5, 2015


News Item:  Contrary to American wishes and despite pressure, the UK, France,
Germany, Italy, South Korea and Australia have joined or are trying to join the
Chinese sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank along with another 50 odd

Mr. Panda, you keep to yourself quietly munching bamboo shoots.  You don't bother
anyone and usually no one bothers you.

Oh, some try to.  But I want everyone to enjoy my bamboo, if I can help them.  That
way they help me, and the whole world prospers.

What about the big eagle?  It has much to share.

Yes, though many have learned to watch out for the sharp talons.  Any one trying to
go their own way displeases the eagle.

Wouldn't it displease you?

Why yes, though over thousands of years my ancestors and I have learned
patience.  How you say it these days ... we craft a plus-sum game.  The eagle prefers

Do you think the world is getting tired of eagle ways?

The world keeps moving and it has moved beyond the eagle's ways.  The eagle
keeps flapping its wings and raking its talons.  But even its friends are learning.

What are they learning?

The are learning the eagle's ways are costly, and the eagle is a burdensome friend.  
It wants to rule the world often at their expense.  The bogeymen in our world now
exist in propaganda fiction, and the world also sees the death and destruction and
who is behind it;

Nobody needs the eagle then?

Not quite, but the world seems headed that way.  Funny thing though, the eagle's
constituents are warm, generous and hospitable.  Perhaps the eagle will learn from
its own voters.