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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
March 24, 2019


News Item:  Theresa May's Brexit strategy in a shambles as the Speaker of the
Parliament rules against another vote on her plan.

The wire-haired fox terrier has lost her British playfulness, her taking things lightly.

She thought she was stabbed in the back by that American pit-bull ... the nutty one
that paints his fur orange.  His UK trade deal is all to US advantage.

Yep!  She'll be off to see the Polish mongrel who is EU top dog for now.  Imagine our
famous bulldog, old Winston, is turning over in his grave.

It's the meowing cats in parliament.  They sleep all day and make the most awful
cat-calls at night.

Yep!  The mongrel is going to say, 'Get your cats in order and give us something to

But they don't agree on anything ...

That's cats for you, lone hunters, the lot.  Not like us.  We like to form packs.

Then why do they say, 'It's the cat's meow.'

They do don't they.  Those that do haven't heard it all night.

What bothers me is Maysie our fox terrier.  She just keeps going round and round
chasing her little tail.

Tail's too little if you ask me ...

Nobody is asking you.  Keep your thoughts to yourself.

You mean if I do a Harry and Meghan, the Queen will shut me up ...

More than that ... I will.

Well good luck to that fox terrier then.  May she keep curling her hair and wagging
that little tail ...

Oh, come on, cut it out ...