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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
March 1, 2015


News Item: Israeli PM Netanyahu to address joint session of U.S. Congress.

A fly gets to hear things you'd love to.  Here's a sample of what you're missing:

I know what's got you down Bar...

It's insulting; it's unfair; it's indecent. Michelle, there was a time when it was called the
loyal opposition. Who are they loyal to now?

I know, I know... To that to that two-bit gambling casino billionaire they're so afraid of
and AIPAC, of course...

Both far to the right when most Jews tend to be liberal. Tikkun took out a New York
Times ad against this.

Don't worry Bar. It'll backfire, especially if Bibi gives his 'going to war against Iran
speech' ... no one here wants another war...

You're a worry wart. Remember when you worried so much about the Bar exam
saying Hillary Clinton failed the first time ...

And you said Bar over the Bar...

Oh, here's a bit of gossip. You know what Bibi's wife shouted to then Sderot mayor Eli
Moyal's partner Monique on the phone? “Your man doesn't reach my man's ankles”
bellowed Sara.

What a pair? What happened?

Apparently he criticized Netanyahu on a late­night TV show during the Gaza war last
August when Sderot was hit with hundreds of missiles.

I did see something about a bottle scandal where she was manic about getting
empties collected from the official residence and kept the bottle return deposits for
herself instead of passing them on to Treasury.

What's next? I see you're feeling better already Bar...