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The Porcupine's Quill:  A Satire Column
by Arshad M. Khan
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Porcupine's Quill
January 10, 2016


News Item:  Donald Trump, as usual, has been fulminating, this time  against a
parliamentary push to ban him from the U.K.

That is a misprint ... you do mean 'Snowman', right?

Well that too, but it's meant to be 'Showman'.

Quite true, it's just the carrot nose and the orange head that threw me ... we used to
use an orange wool cap on ours when I was growing up ...

And the belly, of course ... that makes it perfect ...

Especially when he tries to hold it in bending slightly backwards ... and in profile the
bottom protrudes ...

It's all a matter of habits and behavior I suppose -- eat like a pig and, before you
know it, there you are ... pink face included.

Whatever happened to the GOP.  There was Ronald Reagan with his smile ... charm
personified.  Then George H.W. Bush the decent patrician epitomizing civility,
decency, dignity, humility and respect for others.

You mean ... and now look at 'em ...

Exactly!  'I am rich; I am smart.'  I have a 'brand name' worth billions.  Or the other
one whose success represents the 'power of God'.

Can't be more chosen than that can we?

Yep!  The GOP is one elephant catching its tail by its trunk, going round and round,
getting tied up in knots ...

It's become a trumpeting elephant ...

And if the polls are right, it will soon have a large neon sign reading 'TRUMP'
emblazoned on it.

Let's hope it's not on the rear.