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December 9, 2014

House Chooses New Cold War With Russia

By Ron Paul

Source :  Ron Paul Institute

Last week the US House voted overwhelmingly in favor of an anti-Russia resolution so
full of war propaganda that it rivals the rhetoric from the chilliest era of the Cold War.
Ironically, much of the bill condemns Russia for doing exactly what the US government
has been doing for years in Syria and Ukraine!

For example, one of the reasons to condemn Russia in the resolution is the claim that
Russia is imposing economic sanctions on Ukraine. But how many rounds of sanctions
has the US government imposed on Russia for much of the past year? I guess
sanctions are only bad when used by countries Washington doesn’t like.

The resolution condemns Russia for selling weapons to the Assad government in
Syria. But the US has been providing weapons to the rebels in Syria for several years,
with many going to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS that the US is currently

The resolution condemns what it claims is a Russian invasion of Ukraine (for which it
offers no proof) and Russian violation of Ukrainian sovereignty. But it was the US, by
backing a coup against the democratically elected Yanukovich government in
February, that first violated that country’s sovereignty. And as far as a military
presence in Ukraine, it is the US that has openly sent in special forces and other
military advisors to assist the government there. How many times have top US military
and CIA officials visited Kiev to offer advice and probably a lot more?

The resolution condemns Russia for what it claims are attempts to “illicitly acquire
information” about the US government. But we learned from the Snowden revelations
that the NSA is spying on most of the rest of the world, including our allies! How can
the US claim the moral authority to condemn such actions in others?

The resolution attacks Russian state-funded media, claiming that they “distort public
opinion.” At the same time the bill demands that the thousands of US state-funded
media outlets step up their programming to that part of the world! It also seeks
“appropriate responses” to Russian media influence in the rest of the world. That
should be understood to mean that US diplomats would exert pressure on foreign
countries to shut down television networks like RT.

The resolution condemns what it claims is Russia’s provision of weapons to the
Russian-speaking eastern part of Ukraine, which seeks closer ties with Russia, while
demanding that the US government start providing weapons to its proxies on the other

As I have said, this is one of the worst pieces of legislation I can remember. And trust
me, I have seen some pretty bad bills. It is nothing but war propaganda and it will likely
lead to all sorts of unintended consequences.

Only ten Members – five from each party – opposed this reckless resolution. Probably
most of those who voted in favor did not bother to read the bill. Others who read it
and still voted in favor may have calculated that the bill would not come up in the
Senate. So they could vote yes and please the hawks in their districts – and more
importantly remain in good graces of the hawks who run foreign policy in Washington
– without having to worry about the consequences if the bill became law.

Whatever the case, we must keep an eye on those Members of Congress who vote to
take us closer to war with Russia. We should thank those ten Members who were able
to resist the war propaganda. The hawks in Washington believe that last month’s
election gave them free rein to start more wars. Now more than ever they must be