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October 22, 2018


Arshad M. Khan

I like Chicago because it has seasons -- a real winter to purge the excesses of
summer; a time to contemplate, to concentrate, to work; a labor of intensity free of

It has a distinct spring.  The perennials begin to poke their green noses out of the soil
casting aside the remains of the snow to seek the sun and its light.  Very soon, the air
has changed and their colors are blooming everywhere.  The birds twitter with
excitement; they are busy flying hither and thither straws in their beaks, to build nests;
all forms of life preparing for the future.

It's warmer now, summer is here.  The birds' chicks have fledged.  They trail their
parents everywhere for treats.  Some are even ready to be on their own, and the
parents might have another brood in mind.

Summer is also time for the beach.  Yes, there is a beach in Chicago, a large one
along the shores of Lake Michigan ... a beach one might add without the perils of
hurricanes, tropical storms, surges and flooding.

Summer is also time for vacations.  The more affluent among us might go abroad.  
Many have vacation homes nearby for weekends, causing long traffic jams on the
expressways when they return on Sunday nights.

But there are plenty of vacation spots within half-a-day's drive along both shores of
Lake Michigan, into the peninsula and the pretty country around Lake Superior.

All too quickly summer ebbs into Fall:  the trees are blazing color, gorgeous maple
crimsons, rich golds ... sadly a brief glory.  Yet a weekend or more for drives to enjoy
the colors.  School has resumed for sons and daughters, and college for the older
ones.  Work has returned to its normal pattern.

Soon there will be a chill in the air to remind us winter is on its way.  With it snow,
sometimes in modest sprinkles, sometimes in mounds.  Snow covered ground, shrubs,
roofs and trees, pretty as a picture, and with luck a storybook Christmas.